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An array of photos

Apologies for the delay in postings but I bring to you the long awaited class dinner photos, and more!

Exhibit A and B  were taken at the Red Snapper restaurant in Brighton. Anexcellent choice by Gordon, with BYOB, and as you can see we brought it!

MAIS students eating dinner together

LIS students.



Audrey and David lurks in the shadowsDavid and Audrey lurks in the shadows…

Exhibit C is the only photo that was taken with my camera in Manchester during the 2011 New Professionals conference. SHOCKING!

But many more were taken by Sarah Ison the librarian, and can be found here.

Last exhibit is from the class lunch after the the last day of class for full time and first year part time students.

The George has vegetarian food delicious enough for a meat lover!


I want to take this opportunity to say that I enjoyed my year of learning  with all these lovely people, and I wish everyone the best for their future!


I would like to say congrats once more to Gordon for getting a free place to attend The International Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Centres  (IAML) conference in Dublin on 24-29 July 2011,

Joseph and I really enjoyed our experience at the NPC conference, and I’m sure Gordon will have a great time at the IAML too!



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New Professionals Conference 2011

On Monday 20th June 2011,  Jo and I presented on Student Activism and Engagement at the New Professionals Conference.

There have been many good blog posts on the events such as Alice Halsey‘s blog and Saint Evelin’s blog. I feel rather guilty as I’m getting admired for what other great members of our class have done to help save libraries. But I’m also excited that people got something out of our presentation, and people are interested in doing a #uklibchat.

Jo my partner in library crimes of the good sort, has also posted a supercalifrajilistic hourly comic, which gives a comprehensive overview on what went down at NPC2011, aside from omitting how he got us lost on the way to the hotel on Sunday. [The truth is out now, you will no longer be able to retcon this!].

Thus I will offer only my highly idiosyncratic impression of the conference in pictorial form.


T-shirt slogan idea:  I went to the New Professionals Conference and all I got was an astrolabe.


Advocacy in Action

Joseph and I will be presenting at the New Professionals Conference on the 20th June, the details of which can be found here at the CILIP website.

Our joint presentation is called:

Can we play? Building Opportunities for Student Activism and Why it Matters

We will talk a lot about why it’s beneficial for students to engage more with the wider professional network.  It is also something that I’ve been trying to do as well through things like joining Jiscmail.

Here is something that I felt is important that came up during one of the recent conversations in Lis-pub-libs Mailing list.

“My local council is under pressure when it was discovered the police force spent £35,000 on drinking water last year. This is North Yorkshire where the tap water is pure and libraries were up for closure to save £35,000 per branch!” (Ian Stringer).

This is a case of people interested in libraries actively thinking about how councils could save the money needed to keep library branches open. Immediately after this mail others on the list mentioned using FOI requests to see how much their council was spending on bottled water. This issue is worth examining, but in order to discuss this, we need to get the message out. The  Voices for the Libraries blog was mentioned as a potential place for where the ball can start rolling.

I am only marginally involved, but I wonder if by posting about it here (and then tweeting about it), I will be able to connect up the different communication networks that information professionals are using.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you’re interested and want to let people know that you’re interested.


Teach Meet: Ka-Ming’s Perspective

The Brighton Lib Teach Meet:  A tale in two pictures and two lists

The meet was attended by information professionals from the University of Brighton, the University of Sussex, the British Library and City University, amongst others.

And the topics covered were varied and informative. I did learn things that I hope to use and apply.

I’ll now proceed to steal Jo’s format, provide continuity between this post and the previous post.

Things that stuck out from the talk and the informal chats.

  1. Sussex University Library has changed a lot since I studied there as an undergraduate. I’m impressed by the use of social media, and the use of space for researchers.
  2. Great use of experiential learning to teach Boolean search by Siobhan Duvigneau from the British Library. She got students, to stand up or sit down depending on whether she was wishing to express the AND, OR, or NOT operators. She tried this out with the members at the teach lib meet. An aside: I have to say that in the modern age with the acknowledged existence of gender fluidity, a simple question like stand up if you’re male/female can possibly be problematic.
  3. Google docs forms function that allows answers to a question to be instantly inputted into a spreadsheet (presented by Katie Piatt), made me go ooh!

My experience of giving a presentation

  1. I am terrible at singing and playing the guitar in front of people, but luckily for all it was very short.
  2. Having someone to focus on in the audience was assuring, helped to ameliorate my stage fright somewhat. My deer-caught-in-a-headlight-gonna-get-smashed-by-an-oncoming-lorry gaze  fell very often on Mr J who I’d spent time conversing with earlier.
Honorary mention goes to Emma’s delicious home baked goodies.
The Jam and Nutella buns were scrumptious.


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Civilisation in Ruins

Between 2005-2009 Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre carried out a project to photograph Detroit and its decaying buildings.

Photo Library in Ruins by Marchand and Meffre

St Christopher House, ex-Public Library

Despite the rise of the internet, and the increasing accessibility to information online, the above image of an abandoned library is stark and potent. It warns me of what can happen if we let it.

We can’t take for granted that public libraries are safe from destruction. If our society as a whole doesn’t recognise their worth, one day they will disappear.


I recommend visiting Marchand and Meffre’s website to see more of their haunting and beautiful photographs.

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JISC do it

I used JISC mailing lists when I was working on the Information Policy essay, and I’m using it now for the Management module. I think it’s a great way to get information, and I wanted to share it.

This link will take you to a list of all the different library related mailing lists available. The one that I’ve been using is LIS-PUB-LIBS, simply click on the link that says ‘subscribe/unsubscribe’ on that page and follow the instructions.

I hope it’s of use to you!

Ka-Ming Pang

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Class Dinner @ Las Iguanas

On the 23rd of February, the MAIS students were rounded up and corralled into Las Iguanas where they were forced to enjoy Mexican food and a choice of beverages.
All had a jolly good time, especially enjoying Josh’s table top dancing, and the escapade with the pink flamingoes and the missing hedgehog.*

*Accounts of events on the night may vary.

xx Ka-Ming

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