Teach Meet: Ka-Ming’s Perspective

31 May

The Brighton Lib Teach Meet:  A tale in two pictures and two lists

The meet was attended by information professionals from the University of Brighton, the University of Sussex, the British Library and City University, amongst others.

And the topics covered were varied and informative. I did learn things that I hope to use and apply.

I’ll now proceed to steal Jo’s format, provide continuity between this post and the previous post.

Things that stuck out from the talk and the informal chats.

  1. Sussex University Library has changed a lot since I studied there as an undergraduate. I’m impressed by the use of social media, and the use of space for researchers.
  2. Great use of experiential learning to teach Boolean search by Siobhan Duvigneau from the British Library. She got students, to stand up or sit down depending on whether she was wishing to express the AND, OR, or NOT operators. She tried this out with the members at the teach lib meet. An aside: I have to say that in the modern age with the acknowledged existence of gender fluidity, a simple question like stand up if you’re male/female can possibly be problematic.
  3. Google docs forms function that allows answers to a question to be instantly inputted into a spreadsheet (presented by Katie Piatt), made me go ooh!

My experience of giving a presentation

  1. I am terrible at singing and playing the guitar in front of people, but luckily for all it was very short.
  2. Having someone to focus on in the audience was assuring, helped to ameliorate my stage fright somewhat. My deer-caught-in-a-headlight-gonna-get-smashed-by-an-oncoming-lorry gaze  fell very often on Mr J who I’d spent time conversing with earlier.
Honorary mention goes to Emma’s delicious home baked goodies.
The Jam and Nutella buns were scrumptious.


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