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Civilisation in Ruins

Between 2005-2009 Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre carried out a project to photograph Detroit and its decaying buildings.

Photo Library in Ruins by Marchand and Meffre

St Christopher House, ex-Public Library

Despite the rise of the internet, and the increasing accessibility to information online, the above image of an abandoned library is stark and potent. It warns me of what can happen if we let it.

We can’t take for granted that public libraries are safe from destruction. If our society as a whole doesn’t recognise their worth, one day they will disappear.


I recommend visiting Marchand and Meffre’s website to see more of their haunting and beautiful photographs.

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The Book Surgeon


Books can be things of beauty, but American artist Brian Dettmer also known as The Book Surgeon,  takes it to another level as he cuts away away at old books and creates amazing works of art.

The Household Physicians. Photograph: Brian Dettmer


Todays World.  Photograph Brian Dettmer

The age of information in physical form is waning. As intangible routes thrive with quicker fluidity, material and history are being lost, slipping and eroding into the ether. Newer media swiftly flips forms, unrestricted by the weight of material and the responsibility of history. In the tangible world we are left with a frozen material but in the intangible world we may be left with nothing. History is lost as formats change from physical stability to digital distress. Dettmer.

There is food for thought here as we ponder the apparentlyy transient nature of information in the digital form, and the diminishment of its physicality.


Photos reproduced with permission from Brian Dettmer.

More photos of his work can be found at his website


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