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Bite-Sized Marketing

On seeing this book, I immediately knew it would be worth my time because it has a nice cover, it was quite short and the book was shiny. If a year of Information Studies has taught me nothing else, it’s that shiny books have the best information. I wish I was joking. The fact is, shininess means newness, and this book is so new that what it says about social networking websites is not yet entirely out of date. This is the only time I’ve read a book with up to date information on this topic. Bite-Sized Marketing is written by Nancy Dowd of The M Word, Mary Evalgeliste and Jonathan Silberman from Fearless Future.

There’s not really anything too clever in this book. Which is good, because the type of marketing that is relevant to library studies is not complex. It mostly discusses the effective use of social networking sites, videos and about the importance of knowing your clients. Here’s are some things that really stood out to me:

1. There’s nothing particularly morally righteous about producing materials nobody will see. Marketing seems very business-like to me, and therefore I don’t really trust it. But if you’re producing something that can help people, promoting it is a good thing to do.

2. The purpose of social networking is to create a buzz about your service, not to put out endless press statements. Start conversations, give people ownership of what is being done.

3. Make a story about your service. Make it compelling. Make it something people want to share. But above all, make its central point clear. Stories get changed as they are re-told.

4. There are a few people online who are frequently followed and can make a difference. Learn who your target audience will listen to. If you can get them on side then everything is brilliant.

5. Corporations are putting money into social media. Right now, it levels the playing field between big corporations and small not for profit groups. But this could change. We should think of the current situation as a window of opportunity to get in contact with our users.

If you are actually interested in Social Media in marketing then here’s a nice little essay I ran into online which includes ettiquette, and a suggested time table for when and how to put out advertisements.

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Posted by on May 24, 2011 in Review