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Thing 4: Current Awareness

I’m going to come back to Thing 3. Fact is, time is limited right now, and most of it goes on staring at my dissertation.

Like a lot of people, I already use RSS feeds more than is healthy; I’m basically never up to date with them. I also use Twitter a lot and recently met a lot of librarians on it through #npc2011 and #uklibchat. The latter is a new fortnightly conversation on twitter which aims to bring people together to talk about library issues. The first one was last Thursday and it was a great way to see who’s out there and discuss things that have been on my mind.

The problem with both Twitter and RSS is time. My ideal day starts at around six AM, between seven and eight I dedicate time to my RSS feed, re-blog anything worthwhile on Twitter or Facebook, then I either put Twitter on and work at home or go do my things. But… I’m currently watching Battlestar Galactica.

And there goes my schedule.

This means that I haven’t been going to bed before midnight. Which in turn throws off my mornings. The lesson here is that finding information isn’t my problem. Finding time is the problem.

Pushnote is a whole other thing. I got it soon after it came out, and I’m “Joseph Norwood” but I kind of gave up on it. I liked the idea of having a comments page on every site but its primary use seemed to be to post up links. As nobody I knew used it most of the links were of no interest to me at all. I’m still having trouble finding people on it. The best way I found to find the other library users was to see who had commented on the 23 Things blog. I kind of hope it takes off. But I’m not sure. I’m a webcomics fan, and having a comments page is great for trawling through extensive comic archives as you can leave messages for the next person to do the same thing. It’s useful as an online comments page but it seems to mostly get used to promote pages. I’m not sure we need yet another way to do this. But, I’ll give it time.