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Jo’s Thing One for #cpd2011

I made my first blog in 2001, after a few days of following people on Live Journal. I was fascinated with the idea that people were willing to share so much personal information about themselves on the internet. Back then, blogging was seen as a bit suspect. Why would anyone want to put up so much personal information online?! I think I even saw a few people using their real names on the internet!

I blogged till 2007, and met some amazing people, learnt a lot about how different people live, kept up to date with the news better than I ever have since, and my writing improved significantly. Seriously. I am the only person in the world who looks back on their teenage diaries and thinks “Wow. I wish I could still write like this.”

A decade after my first blog. Ka-Ming and I set up a blog. Blogging had become this professional, focused and normal. And the amount of information people are willing to share is a little scary. But the benefits seem to be the same. I’ve been using blogs to read up on the latest news in the library field and to find out what different people do in their work life. I’m starting to use this site to write reflectively, and hopefully the quality of my writing will improve, too. The big thing I want from cpd23 is interesting conversations with other bloggers involved in the exercise.

This little project will be going on in parallel to me writing my dissertation. Which is terrifying. It means that the last few Things tie really well into what I’ll be doing in my life at that point.

I’m looking forward to contacting the other cpd23-ers out there. But now I should probably get started on that dissertation thing.

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