The Plan.

18 Feb

Information wants to be free…

But information does not, in fact, want to be free. It wants to be labelled, organised, and filtered so that it can be discovered, cross-referenced, and consumed.

(Goldsmith & Wu, Who Controls the Internet? Illusions of a Borderless World)

Hello, my name is Jo. I am an obsessive follower on BBC radio sit-coms, an occasional comics scribbler and a student on the Information Studies course at Brighton University. Since the course started last September, we’ve been considering the best ways to share our ideas, experiences and concerns. Unfortunately, it turns out that despite being a group of nascent Information Professionals, it seems that we’re actually pretty bad at getting ourselves organised to share information.

Ka-Ming had the idea of setting up a class blog; the idea is that we’ll all have posting rights on here, so the class can carry on a kind of a group discussion about what we’re learning. Hopefully this will be massively successful and this blog will still be of use to us when we’re working.

If you’re in our class and haven’t been added to the blog yet, leave a comment and I’ll add you if you like. Then everything will be brilliant.

If you aren’t in our class, then this blog will be worth reading because it will contain a wide set of different experiences from new professionals who are starting to conduct research. And of course it will link to other, perhaps more insightful blogs.

That’s it for now, I guess.


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4 responses to “The Plan.

  1. driftingwanderer

    February 23, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    It’s Tim! I’d like to join in please!

    • wearelibrarian

      February 23, 2011 at 10:21 pm

      You’re in. Thanks for joining up. And oh, I see you’re running for President? Good man. The way it’s advertised this year really annoys me. We need someone in the Union here who thinks of it as a Union, and has a concern for the position beyond the nice salary and experience. My only concern would be that as you say on your blog, it’s not a political role. I guess I see the Union as a vocational thing. Convince me that you’re not just interested in using the position for your political causes, and that you’re concerned for all the groups that use the Union, and I’ll happily do a few poster runs for you if it helps.

  2. driftingwanderer

    February 24, 2011 at 11:00 am

    Hey (I assume) Jo, thanks for joining me up.

    Regarding me standing for President, I guess a good place to start would be the three points in my manifesto: My first point, the major problem of the veto the Board of Trustees have over any decision made by the students of the Students’ Union, is one I’d point to to show that I’m not just furthering my own political goals / causes. The veto of the Board of Trustees is a fundamental problem for any group of students at Brighton, as it robs what could be a democratic Union of almost all democratic potency. If you get a referendum passed or convince the Union Council that they should vote to implement your policy, if the Board of Trustees don’t like it it goes no further, whether your issue is boycotting Israeli goods at the Union, or increasing funding for sports teams, or whatever.

    I don’t think the Union is political, but I do think it can encourage politics to happen. It seems to me the number one goal of a Union is to make sure as many students as possible have the ability to play an active role in their university experience. That doesn’t just mean making sure everyone responds the the National Student Survey. It means making sure that people engage *in dialogue* with the Union and the University. Not just ticking boxes. If you can give people the experience of engaging in dialogue as equals, that sense of freedom *to do* what they believe in, I think we’d all be surprised at how political our student body could be.

    Do feel free to drop me any more questions đŸ™‚

  3. Erin

    February 24, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    Erin here, can I be added too please?


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